Global Corporation Sindoh is participating in many different exhibitions around the world to promote its qualified Multifunctional Products, Office Solutions and 3D Printers.

Last December, Sindoh participated in the global exhibition in San Diego and unveiled its own 3D printer, 3DWOX. This exhibition stood its significance out clearly with the attendance of the Sindoh’s global partner, Quest Integration. 

We introduce you to the exhibition scenes, where you can take a look at the responses of the customers worldwide.

“Inside 3D Printing” exhibition with Quest Integration

Sindoh participated in the <Inside 3D Printing> in San Diego with its’ US reseller, Quest Integration, unveiling its own 3D printer, 3DWOX.

Quest Integration, a corporation that handles CAD related businesses, has been recognized with its excellence in technology and is establishing a solid foothold in the US market.

Since the Solidworks World Exhibition, Sindoh and Quest Integration have been maintaining their long-lasting partnership.

As a US market partner, Quest Integration has been selling Sindoh’s 3D printer, 3DWOX.

Quest Integration has already sold its first ordered volume completely and is maintaining its orders of additional volumes, showing its confidence in expanding the market share. 

With the active support from the Quest Integration, Sindoh has prepared its booth in <Inside 3D Printing> exhibition. 

Taylor, a sales associate from the Quest Integration, has greeted the customers in the booth, along with Sindoh’s Strategic Business Development Team and Technical Development Team.

The customers who visited Sindoh’s booth watched the 3DWOX with interest. 

A customer, who watched the 3DWOX being sold online through Amazon, said “I visited Sindoh’s booth with high expectations, since 3DWOX has high recommendations from the users.” After testing out the printer, the same customer spoke about his positivity toward purchasing the 3DWOX.

Worldwide customers experiencing 3DWOX

eSUN, a Chinese production company in cooperative relations with Sindoh, has also participated in the exhibition. Yang, the CEO of eSUN, who displayed the 3DWOX and served the customers himself, proudly said “We always promote Sindoh’s 3D Printer wherever we go”, shortly followed by saying “Currently, there is an innovation in the filament field of the 3D printer” and advising that a close attention to the new filament material is needed.

Another corporation, owned by a Chinese CEO, has visited Sindoh’s booth and showed great interest in the 3DWOX. This major company has been supplying more than 100,000 cooking grills to a large retail store and gaining wholehearted trust from the customers for the last 30 years.

This corporation source, who spoke his mind of applying 3D printer in the future business, said “We have a lot of interest in Sindoh’s 3DWOX, which has been highly reviewed at Amazon.” 

Already completing the pre-investigation of the 3D printer market and having prepared to test out the diverse 3D printers ahead, this corporation had positive discussions with the Sindoh’s representatives, from purchasing sample 3D printers to the long-term business plan.

Sindoh has been achieving its dreams of becoming a Global Sindoh through the participations of the exhibitions all over the world. Sindoh’s 3D printer, 3DWOX, will meet the customers’ needs with its specifications.

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