As of its first production of Multifunctional Printer in 1960s, Sindoh has been keeping its long reputation of 57 years of its production history. We introduce you to the Sindoh’s participation of the Global Exhibitions, with Sindoh’s strength in not only the 2D and 3D products, but also in office solution technology.

Opening of the Global User Conference "SWW 2017"

Sindoh has been continuously participating in the ‘SOLIDWORKS World (SWW)’ since last year. SWW is a worldwide 3D Professional Designing event, in which over 5,000 engineers and industrial designers around the world participate and share information and trend for 3D CAD applications and engineering technologies.

With its 19th holding of the exhibition, this year’s SWW was held with the topic of ‘Create things that previously did not exist’. Under the supervision of the Global 3D designing corporation, Dassault Systemes, SWW 2017 was held in LA Convention Center, USA.

Over 200 sessions with various results of creation were prepared for Amateurs, Intermediate and Professionals. 

Various breakout session and try-out training sessions, such as Best practices and technology innovations of 3D CAD, Automated Design, Electronic Design, Simulation, and Database Management System sessions were held for participants to share information with each other.

Notched up Sindoh and SWW 2017

Compared to last year’s exhibition in Dallas, SWW 2017 has been hosted in a much larger scale, giving the impression of an upgrade. The stage has been set in the middle of the exhibition seeking for more attention, letting participants to watch the show wherever they want.

Global corporations such as Dell, HP, Stratasys, 3D Systems and Ultimaker also participated in this exhibition. Through its participation, Sindoh was able to rank side by side with the worldwide global corporations.

In addition to SWW’s update, Sindoh’s updated 3D Printer lineup has caught the eyes of the participants, notching up their interests and expectations.

After the earnest beginning of the exhibition, a tremendous crowd came up to the Sindoh’s Booth and showed the endless interest and feedback of the ‘3DWOX’. Created with Sindoh’s accumulated experience and technology, 3DWOX has earned its competitiveness against the other 3D printers.

'Apps for Kids' with 3DWOX DP201

Sindoh’s participation of SWW 2017 was even more meaningful due to the introduction of ‘3DWOX DP201’ with ‘Apps for Kids’ in the main session. Through the session, Sindoh has effectively promoted safety of its 3D printers. 

‘Apps for Kids’ is a Cloud 3D Printing Solution, joint-developed by Dassault Systemes and Sindoh. It is an educational program, in which children can easily design and print 3D objecs through 3D CAD program.

3D model design can be easily done without the complexity of the average 3D CAD tool and through its convenient environment such as scale adjustment through dragging, ‘Apps for Kids’ is expected to make a great appeal to the worldwide educational sites.

Educational 3D Printer ‘3DWOX DP201’, independently developed by Sindoh 

Sindoh’s ‘3DWOX DP201’ has been referred as the most optimized 3D printer for the future generation’s education in ‘Apps for Kids’ events of announcement and demonstration. 3DWOX DP201 is the world’s first 3D Printer with a ‘Flexible Bed’, designed to easily detach the printed output and does not heat up over certain temperature for safety.

With Dassault Systemes’ “Apps for kids”, Sindoh’s unrivaled technology and product safety has been shown in front of the worldwide participants. As a result, a crowd of participants came up to the Sindoh’s booth to express their tremendous interest and expectation towards ‘3DWOX DP201’. 

Through this exhibition, Sindoh has discovered the unlimited market. Sindoh was able to meet with people from not only the United States, but also the Latin American countries, and confirmed that its convenience, accessibility and safety can be a special competitiveness in the global market. Sindoh will keep up with the continuous advancement to the larger Global Market.

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