As a representative company specializing in 2D & 3D printers in Korea, Sindoh has been operating the Sindoh Artist Support Program (SINAP) since 2011. The program is intended to support the creative activities of young artists and cultivate young creative talents who will lead Korean contemporary art.

▲ 7th SINAP Artist Certification

After conducting evaluation based on the excellence and completeness of the artwork, international competitiveness, and development potential of the artist, we award every year three selected artists who work in Korea with a KRW 15 million national art and literature promotion fund. The artists selected through the screening process are also provided with an opportunity to hold a solo exhibition at “Sindoh Cultural Space” located at the Sindoh head office in Seoul.

▲ Jens Hoffmann, a member of the SINAP jury, exchanging opinions with Do Hyung Tae, Representative of Gallery Hyundai 

SINAP is celebrating its 7th anniversary this year. Meanwhile, over 20 artists who have been selected are working actively as SINAP artists. Sindoh Cultural Space, where the artists' works are exhibited, is located in the office space where Sindoh employees come and go every day. This place is sometimes filled with witty installation art and dancers' performances at other times.

■ a List of selected SINAP artists  

1st SINAP artists

Inwhan Oh, Sookyung Yi, Joonho Jeon & Kyungwon Moon

2nd SINAP artists

Jaebum Kim, Junebum Park, Youngin Hong

3rd SINAP artists

Bona Park, Heaven Baek, Jihyun Jung

4th SINAP artists

Jaewook Lee, Jeamin Cha, Onejoon Che

5th SINAP artists

Kyungkun Park, Seulgi Lee, Eunyoung Jung

6th SINAP artists

Min Oh, Anicka Yi, Jenny Cho

7th SINAP artists

Sylbee Kim, Hyein Lee, Junguk Yang



1st Selected SINAP Artist Lee Soo-kyung and her artworks

4th Selected SINAP Artist Lee Jae-Wook's Performance Exhibition

Introducing three artists selected for the 7th SINAP 

We introduce three new artists of SINAP, which is celebrating its seventh anniversary this year. They are making a different art history with great artworks that reveal their unique personality and world view. The story of the three authors can be seen through the exhibition in Sindoh Cultural Space.

▲ “A Sexagesimal Love Letter” | Sylbee Kim

HD | 9:16 | Color | Sound | 6 minutes 18 seconds | 2016

Artist Sylbee Kim provides various imaginative points 

Artist Sylbee Kim presents major issues related to politics, culture, and science in modern society through various media including video, installation, and performance. She introduces virtual connection points connecting Korea, Germany, and other worlds, paying attention to spontaneous image producers, users, and distributors created in the gap between institutions. Through her artwork, the artist offers various imaginative points of view in terms of modernity, image, and language. 

The artist is based in Berlin, a city full of anarchists, artists, and immigrants and now a commercialized tourist destination thanks to its history of totalitarianism, World War II, and colonization. She tells the identity of the city, which has changed over a long period of history, and shows us the work of creating virtual connection points between the present and past of Seoul, making us reflect on the world of our desires.

▲ “The cycle of red-brick house” | Hae-in Lee

acrylic on canvas | 130x240cm | 2008

Artist Hae-in Lee transcends the boundaries of genres and areas 

Hye-in Lee periodically makes observations based on various areas and then works on the conceptual artwork, expressing her experiential point of view in painting as an artist. In her early works, she showed landscapes using memories, senses, and imaginations of places and times that were lost based on autobiographical memories.

From 2010 until recently, she borrowed the traditional method of the early 20th-century Impressionist painting called “outdoor sketching,” which involves taking canvas and going to various places where the artist had been staying such as Suburbs of Seoul, Berlin, and other places. She seeks to combine the experience that could be collected in physical space and time or the coincidence found in limited materials with the artist's perspective.

The artist engages in painting work within the constraints of the external environment that she wants to control. You will feel less of a visual obsession with the picture in front of you as you discover sections of society that you have experienced and have not seen. She attaches more importance to the role of painting as an opportunity for letting the artist stay on the scene rather than the visual result.

▲ People who work standing series | Yang Jung-wook | 2015

Artist Yang Jung-wook sublimates everyday objects into art 

Artist Yang Jung-wook takes the stories in everyday life into the mind of the artist and presents artworks of various feelings and situations that can be felt in relationships and communication through the medium of sculpture and installation. The artist’s interest in an individual -- such as night guard, parking guide, father, or friends passing through the artist's emotions -- turns into a universal, generalized story. It is expanded in the mind of the artist, inside which it obtains dynamic rhythm, being implemented in synaesthetic language.

He projects the stories into analog organic structures using wood, yarn, and motors. One movement and the other are connected and repeated to form the whole shape. The movements of different periods are not repeated in exactly the same manner due to structural imperfections, but they produce slightly different movements and sounds every time.

The appearance of the work -- which seems to have excluded all shapes other than trees and motors, the most basic structure to make movements -- shows us a lot of empty space. Many stories deep inside the repetitive but imperfect movements and between the layers of empty space make us look back on small things in our daily life.

The selected SINAP artists express modern art in their own way. They have personally shown that the field of art is endless, and that the challenging talent is beautiful. Sindoh will continue to provide support for artists who unleash their talents freely beyond the development of Korean contemporary art.

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