Sindoh participated in Formnext 2017, the world's largest 3D printer event held in Germany. Sindoh attracted the attention of a lot of visitors by unveiling the new product, “3DWOX 2X,” at “Formnext 2017” before its official launch. We are pleased to share the news from the exhibition site of “Formnext 2017,” which gives a glimpse of the current status of the global 3D printer market.

World's largest 3D printing expo "Formnext 2017" 

Formnext is a major 3D printing industry exhibition and is one of the three largest 3D printing expos in the world. It has grown into the largest 3D printing expo in the world three years after it was first held in 2015. In the first year, the exhibition was held at a 14,000 square meter area; this year, it was held at an exhibition area that is more than two times larger, attracting 470 companies and 21,492 attendees.

Held every year in Germany, the heart of the hi-tech industry, Formnext is a place for information exchange to see the current status of 3D printing industries around the world. Among the large 3D printers used primarily in the industrial field, the printers that received much attention this year are the products designed with Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) techniques.

The SLM printing method is a technique of producing the output by heating metal powder in solid state using high-temperature laser and liquidizing and stacking it up. It is a specialized method for producing precise outputs. The SLS printing method is a technique of producing the output by repeating the process of layering metal powder thinly on a casting, sintering rapidly with laser, and spreading metal powder again. "Sintering" is a chemical term that refers to a phenomenon wherein a solid is subjected to a heating process while being pressed tightly. The SLS output method also has the advantage of high accuracy and high molding speed.

Sindoh's New 3D Printer Product, 3DWOX 2X, attracts attention! 

Sindoh exhibited 3DWOX 2X, a new product in 2017, and attracted the attention of visitors and foreign buyers. Our 3D printer, “3DWOX 2X,” targets the prosumer market. It can satisfy both consumer and professional needs. We have launched our new product by upgrading the development know-how of 3DWOX DP200 and 3DWOX DP201, the personal 3D printers released last year by Sindoh.

▲ Sindoh’s new 3D printer “3DWOX 2X”

“3DWOX 2X” is a 3D printer that provides a two-cartridge system by mounting two nozzles. Higher speed and more versatile colors let you print your moldings more efficiently. You can also print moldings that are more than 180% bigger than our previously launched products. In addition, water-soluble resin can be supported to make elastic printouts; the process of recovering output failures has become even easier as well.

First featured in “Formnext 2017” before the official launch, “3DWOX 2X” has caught the attention of various participants from many countries including those who want to apply 3D printing technology to their own business and to develop services using 3D printing technology and resellers who want to explore 3D printer markets. “3DWOX 2X” has received much recognition due to the fact that individual consumers also have the opportunity to take advantage of sophisticated 3D printing technology. Based on our 57-year history in 2D printer manufacturing technology, it carries our competitiveness in 3D printer manufacturing technology.

Formnext, a place for exchanging trends in the 3D printing industry 

“Formnext 2017” was like a trend encyclopedia for the executives and staff members who are working on 3D printer research and development at Sindoh. At the exhibition site where the latest technologies of the 3D printing industry came together, Sindoh’s employees visited other booths whenever they had time to grasp the latest technology trends.

Sindoh has also made efforts to understand trends in 3D printer product design as well as the latest technical information. The product designer, Philippe accompanied by Ms. Ju, Young-eun, director of Tangerine, a leading British design consulting firm in charge of the design of Sindoh’s 3DWOX series, visited the fair to check design trends and discussed the future development direction of Sindoh’s 3D printer product design. 

Start of meaningful exchanges! Challenges for Development! 

Formnext 2017 exhibition was a gathering of stakeholders and experts in the 3D printing field around the world, so there was a lot of interaction between Sindoh and other companies. Sindoh has actively participated in communications with them, led by the executives and staff of the Strategic Business Division; it has been particularly successful in discussing mutual development plans with global 3D printing specialists such as Materialize and Somos.

In addition, the resellers who distribute Sindoh’s products in Germany, UK, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Finland, Israel, and Belgium have visited Sindoh’s booth, where they had a chance to look at the new product, “3DWOX 2X,” and engaged in promotional activities for a time, taking the opportunity to cooperate with the staff from the Seoul head office of Sindoh.

Meanwhile, Sindoh has found challenges to be solved in the process of discussing the future of 3D printing with experts around the world. First, we need to make strategic decisions on how to manage the branded 3D printers targeting general consumers rather than specialized industries for the 3DWOX series. Second, it was an opportunity to realize the necessity of checking our product lineup and of establishing a price policy to satisfy both Sindoh's resellers and consumers. 

Impression of the participants 

Let’s hear the impressions of the participants among the staff of the Strategic Business Division and Prior Technology R&D Division who played active roles in the exhibition.

Kim Ki-hong, Manager, Strategic Business Division 

In the future, Formnext will be the most important exhibition in Europe and will be a large-scale exhibition wherein a “3D printer company” must participate as much as in the CES Show representing the Americas. It is a very significant accomplishment to meet and cooperate with the 3D printing industry people around the world at the exhibition. Especially, this year’s “Formnext 2017” is more satisfying than ever since many competitors have confirmed that Sindoh's 3D printer lineup has been strengthened, and we returned from the exhibition recognizing our excellent quality competitiveness and potential to the point where they say “Sindoh is great.”

Hyun Seung-woo, Manager, Prior Technology R&D Division 

Formnext was a very big exhibition. Although we could not review the exhibited products of all the companies, it was a great motivation for all the staff of the Prior Technology R&D Division to confirm directly that the metal printouts using the SLM-type 3D printers and the color-implemented printouts using the Polyjet method (layering method by using special plastic resin that changes from liquid to solid in response to ultraviolet lamp) were used as parts of automobiles and spaceships. It was very beneficial for me to know the status of advanced 3D printing technology through this exhibition.


In the future, the 3D printing industry will play increasingly important roles in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. Taking this opportunity to participate in “Formnext 2017,” Sindoh will leap forward to be reborn as a global company specializing in 2D&3D printers and representing the Republic of Korea.

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