Sindoh participated in Inside 3D Printing, the world’s largest 3D printing exhibition, as the main sponsor. The company captured the attention of visitors by introducing five new products at the exhibition. This newsletter reports Sindoh’s activities at Inside 3D Printing in Seoul.

Inside 3D Printing Exhibition Held in Seoul

Inside 3D Printing is the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Having begun in New York City in 2013, it is held in 12 major cities in the world. This event held in KINTEX 1 Exhibition Hall 5 in Ilsan near Seoul from June 27 to 29 was the largest in Asia. Many visitors to the 3-day Inside 3D Printing exhibition from all over the world was an indication of high interest in the 3D printing market. 

Sindoh as the Main Sponsor of Inside 3D Printing 

Sindoh participated in Inside 3D Printing as the main sponsor this year. The company decided to sponsor the event to support the 3D printing industry that is growing fast worldwide and to introduce Sindoh’s advanced technologies. 

As the main sponsor, Sindoh installed the largest booth in the exhibition. Many students and visitors from foreign countries visited the booth and showed much interest in Sindoh’s products. 

Sindoh participated in the conference also as the main sponsor. Sindoh’s CEO Lee Byeong-baek gave the keynote speech under the subject “3D Printing and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” The aim of the speech was to highlight the 3D printing technology utilized in a wide range of industries and present the future that 3D printing will create. 

Introduction of New Industrial 3D Printer Lineup

One of the reasons that Sindoh received high attention at the exhibition was the introduction of five new 3D printers. The visitors were particularly interested in two industrial SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) 3D printers. 

SLA is a method of emitting laser light to a photopolymerizing resin to shape the output by solidifying the resin a layer at a time. It has a high demand for industrial applications in medicine and education as it can output the product faster and more accurately than the FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) type. 

Sindoh also introduced three new FFF printers. The FFF printers, which have been Sindoh’s leading products, are cost-effective 3D printers that even novices of 3D printing can use efficiently. It uses a continuous filament of a thermoplastic material fed from a large coil and molten by the heat of 180℃ or higher and compression. It is then deposited on the workpiece one layer at a time. 


Site Proof Event for SNS Channels 

Sindoh held an interesting event at the exhibition. It gave out free gifts to the visitors who took the pictures of Sindoh’s booth and posted them on their Instagram using the hashtags #sindoh and #3Dprinter. The event caused may visitors to take the pictures of Sindoh’s booth and upload them on their SNS channels. 


The Inside 3D Printing exhibition was the stage of interchange of various types of 3D printing companies. Many 3D printing and interested companies got together to share the technologies and trends of 3D printing and seek development from each other. Sindoh intends to continue participating in exhibitions in Korea and other countries to understand the trends of the 3D printing industry and develop better technologies and products.

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