Sindoh opened a booth at the “TCT Show 2018,” the global 3D printing and additive manufacturing exhibition held in Birmingham, UK. 

The theme of this TCT Show was “Design to Manufacturing,” and it was a good opportunity to check out the future to be designed by 3D printers in the 4th industry. 

The company presented new FFF-based products such as “3DWOX DP200,” “3DWOX 1,” and “3DWOX 2X” as well as SLA-based ones that won great reviews at 

Various guests paid a visit to the Sindoh booth such as resellers, reviewers, media, or general users living in the UK. The resellers of Sindoh including Solid Print 3D of the UK, Delta Equipment from France, and iGo3D from Germany also came to the booth to discuss potential orders and responses to end users. 

Both new resellers and existing users in the UK were generous in their praises of 3DWOX 1. Especially convenient functions such as “automatic filament loading,” safety-oriented functions like “flexible metal bed,” and compatibility with universal filament won lots of compliments.

Local university students majoring in design visited the Sindoh booth to find a 3D printer suitable for their assignments. In addition, the designers of “Tangerine,” the design group of the UK in charge of product design for Sindoh, worked at the booth for smooth communication between Sindoh and the visitors.

A college student who worked part-time at the venue rushed to visit us hours before the show came to an end. His passion for 3D printing technologies impressed the Sindoh staff, who provided detailed description of the products; he ended up purchasing “3DWOX 2X.”

During the 3-day TCT Show, we had numerous meetings with 19 European potential partners from France, Denmark, and Italy as well as those from Asia and Middle East. They included experts in diverse fields such as lab, CAD, industrial design, and software development.

Overall, Sindoh could confirm the competitiveness of its products at the show while gaining confidence that the new printers will have no problem in securing new sales channels. Keep checking out this blog to find out how the innovative 3D printers from Sindoh will revolutionize our life!

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