Sindoh, which leads South Korea's 3D printer market, has launched “Sindoh A1+” 3D printer. The "Sindoh A1+" is a SLA-style 3D printer that blends light into photoresistive materials, enabling highly refined output. In particular, the product is expected to be used in a variety of industries such as machinery, automobiles, medical care and jewelry as it supports various types of resins.

Open Materials

A1+ can be used with Sindoh proprietary resin, as well as different types of resins through the Open Material function. In addition, the laser power can be controlled for more efficient printing.

Smart Printing Performance

Optimized settings of supports and rafts will be predetermined according to the shapes and placements, and then auto generated in order to achieve the best printing results.

Build Size Benefit

Max. build size of 200 x 200 x 180mm improves your productivity by printing out all different sizes and shapes at once.

Stable and Stylish Printer Exterior

Functional and aesthetic design ensures that the printer looks very compact and stable despite its large build size

Static Focusing System

Static Focusing System can achieve high-quality printing results by maintain consistent printing quality for center and edge of the printing object

Auto Resin Supply

Safe and convenient auto resin supply feature senses sufficiency of resin quantity and if insufficient resin detected, it will auto-feed resin into resin tank from the cartridge by auto-pumping the resin

Convenient and Intuitive UI

Sindoh A1+ has unique GUI design with intuitive icons for the convenient operation of different functions.

High Connectivity

Ethernet (1G), USB 3.0 Device / 2.0 Host, and Wi-Fi are supported for diverse and quicker printing.

Accelerate Printing Speed

Instead of a vector method, a unique scanning method is chosen to accelerate the print speed. This will be more achievable and advantageous when you utilize the full bed size.

Web Monitoring

PC is used for operation progress monitoring and remote control using mounted camera. Many machines can be managed with 1 PC through a network.

Compatible with Various Resins

Sindoh A1+ can print with Sindoh proprietary resins, as well as 3rd party resins. Various 3rd party resins can be easily selected on the slicer in order to get the resinspecific optimal printing setting.


Through the launch of the "Sindoh A1+", Sindoh will expand its line-up of 3D printers that can be used in the areas of prosumer, quasi-industry and industries beyond home and education fields. In particular, it will make efforts to accelerate its entry into the industrial 3D printing market so that it can contribute to the development of domestic industries. Stay tuned for future news from Sindoh!

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