Sindoh, a company specializing 2D & 3D printing, participated in the GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) 2019 held in Dubai together with its local partner CADCAMCIM. Sindoh also participated in GITEX 2016, where it attracted great interest in its lineup of 2D printers and multifunction printers. Sindoh decided to participate in this year’s GITEX in order to introduce its 3D printers to the markets of the UAE and Saudi Arabia and to expand its presence in the Middle Eastern market. 

GITEX 2019, the largest IT exhibition in the Middle East

GITEX 2019, which attracted the participation of 4,500 IT companies from 149 countries and was attended by more than 100,000 visitors, is the largest IT exhibition in the Middle East. CADCAMCIM is the official reseller of SolidWorks and is active in the 3D business, which includes metal and polymer 3D printers. It set up its exhibition booth to focus on Sindoh products at this year’s GITEX.

Exhibition of 3DWOX 1X and 3DWOX 2X, Sindoh’s moderately priced 3D printers 

The booths exhibiting 3D printers received especially heated interest at this year’s GITEX. Sindoh exhibited its 3DWOX 1X and 3DWOX 2X, two efficient work-friendly printers that are available at moderate prices. CADCAMCIM’s passionate introduction of Sindoh’s 3D printers aroused considerable interest among all the engineers, CTOs, and business representatives who visited the booth. 

Epilogue of SINDOH’s participation in GITEX 2019

We interviewed a Sindoh employee who came back from Dubai after confirming Sindoh’s competitiveness in 3D printers at GITEX, the largest IT exhibition in the Middle East. 

Shim Jae-weon, Assistant Manager, Strategic Business Department

Although I have visited many exhibitions dedicated to 3D printing, I was really surprised by the visitors’ avid interest in basic 3D printing technology at this year’s GITEX. I think that the use of 3D printers is set to grow markedly in the Middle East and that more potential customers will pay attention to Sindoh’s 3D printing technology. 

SINDOH’s participation in GITEX 2019, the largest IT exhibition held in Dubai, was a meaningful opportunity to introduce its 3D printer products, increase its brand awareness, and attract new partners and customers. I invite readers to follow Sindoh’s performance in the Middle Eastern markets, which have high growth potential, as we succeeded in arousing the interest of numerous visitors in our outstanding technology and high-quality competitiveness throughout the entire exhibition period. 

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