2D & 3D firm Sindoh formed a strategic partnership with RIZE, a US next-generation 3D industrial printer maker, during the 3D Experience World 2020 held in Tennessee, the United States. 

RIZE is a Boston-based company specializing in next-generation additive manufacturing. It is engaged in sustainable and innovative projects with such authoritative government agencies like NASA and the US Army. Augmented Deposition, a hybrid technology patented by RIZE, combines the filament-based function and ink jetting function. It contributes to overcoming industrial challenges to 3D printing by enhancing safety, user convenience and security against infringement of intellectual property rights. 

In the first-phase project under the partnership with RIZE, Sindoh plans to put RIZIUM filaments, which emit a low level of harmful materials and have a high level of sustainability and durability, into the desktop 3D printer ‘3DWOX 2X’ and the industrial 3D printer ‘3DWOX 7X’. 

RIZIUM filaments, which provides industrial strength and high durability, is expected to innovate the designing process and the final parts production. 

▲ Sindoh 3DWOX 2X(Left), 3DWOX 7X(Right) 

The RIZE-patented RIZIUM filament-based, engineering-class extruded polymer will be put into not only the compact 3D printers like the 3DWOX 2X but also the bed-size (380x390x450mm) industrial 3D printers like the 3DWOX 7X. For this project, Sindoh is engaged in a joint R&D program to add RIZIUM portfolios to its 3D printers. 

Andy Kalambi, CEO of RIZE, said that Sindoh is a company with verified technological leadership and a lineup of diverse 3D printers. RIZE and Sindoh will combine their strengths and cope with the growth of demand for next-generation additive manufacturing, he said. 

Sindoh said that the strategic partnership will help the company produce 3D printers with high competitiveness and occupy strong position in the education sector and the industrial printer market. “This will be a good case proving the creation of a synergy effect,” the representative of Sindoh said. 

As the leader of the Korean 3D printer market, Sindoh has been building a lineup of diverse 3D printers, including the FFF and SLA types, releasing a series of new products in the domestic and overseas markets. Based on its technological capability and experience it has accumulated over the past 60 years to produce 2D printers and multiple-function printers, Sindoh is focusing on the development of 3D printers and its global production bases include China and Vietnam. It also sells 3D printers with the ‘3DWOX’ brand through its own reseller sales network. 

Sindoh is determined to take advantage of the strategic partnership with RIZE, the leading next-generation 3D industrial printer maker, to open a new horizon for 3D printing. 

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