SOLIDWORKS World 2019, a world-class 3D design exhibition, was held in Dallas, Texas in February, last month. Sindoh has participated in SOLIDWORKS World for four consecutive years. It had a huge response from the attendees by introducing an extensive lineup of FFF and SLA-based 3D printers and diverse 3D outputs. Vivid news concerning SOLIDWORKS World 2019 is delivered to you as follows.





SOLIDWORKS World has become a forum for exchange among 3D and CAD companies from various different countries of the world. This year’s SOLIDWORKS World was held at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. The exhibition was held with a theme of Where Possibility Takes Form, emphasizing many people’s ideas are converted into practically utilizable products through the 3D platform.


Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO of SOLIDWORKS World, explained ‘X Design’ that has been enhanced more than last year. X Design, a program that is implemented in collaboration with SolidWorks, is a solution that enables 3D design work anywhere utilizing a cloud platform which can be realized on any devices.





Sindoh has performed its collaboration with SolidWorks by diverse means over the past four years. The representative examples include the cloud-based inter-operation between 3DWOX DP200 and SolidWorks software, 3DWOX 1 and Apps for Kids Cloud, and 3DWOX 2X and X Design, one of the enhanced 3D experience platforms introduced at the current exhibition.





An extended line-up of diverse products was introduced at the Sindoh booth during the exhibition. It was crowded with many visitors, including 3D business executives and engineers from various different countries across the world. A new SLA-based Sindoh product that can be used in the medical service market enjoyed a great response with its output quality more stable than that of products from other companies.





In particular, a work by Stefan Ulrich, Random Design artist utilizing Sindoh’s 3D printer aroused a hot topic during the exhibition. He exhibited a Star-War’s X-Wing model that was post-processed after output by 3DWOX 2X. He personally explained his experience in using Sindoh 3D printers to the attendees of the exhibition.





We have so far delivered news concerning Sindoh that participated in SOLIDWORKS World 2019. Your continued interest is solicited in Sindoh 3D printers that have enjoyed a great reputation in the global market based on their new technologies and stable quality.


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