Sindoh, a company specializing in 2D & 3D technology, recently participated in the International Dental Show (IDS) 2019 with a view to penetrating the global dental market. This newsletter introduces Sindoh’s participation in the IDS 2019 and the great response it received from visitors to the exhibition.

The world's largest dental exhibition

Launched in 1923, the IDS is an exhibition with a long history of exhibiting, promoting, and selling dental products and technologies such as CAD/CAM, dental medical equipment and facilities, dental medicine, antiseptic, implants, fixtures, and materials. More than 2,300 companies from 64 countries participated in the IDS 2019, which attracted around 160,000 people, proving its status as the world’s largest dental exhibition.

Sindoh is set to enter the global dental market

3D printers are currently the main area of interest in the dental market. 3D printers enable personalized dental treatment by manufacturing transparent correction devices, customized dentures, and guides for implant surgery. Due to increasing interest in beauty treatment and accelerating population aging, the dental and 3D printer markets are growing rapidly. 

As such, Sindoh is actively penetrating the dental market by creating an environment which facilitates the manufacturing of dental devices - which previously only dental engineers could manually manufacture - precisely and quickly with a CAD and a 3D printer. 

Sindoh's new product lineup received an enthusiastic response from visitors

Korean companies already have great credibility in the dental market, and many visitors dropped by Sindoh’s booth to prove it. The visitors were particularly impressed with Sindoh’s lineup, which included its own internally developed 3D printers and scanners. In addition to 3D printers, which can output 10-20 dentures in one go, the company’s 3D scanners that can scan without requiring separate fixed equipment received an enthusiastic response from visitors. 

By participating in this year’s IDS, Sindoh was able to build its presence in the dental market, which has high growth potential, and was recognized for the competitiveness of its products. Sindoh pledges to continue striving to become the global leader in 3D printers for the dental market.

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