Sindoh, an expert company of 2D and 3D, markets its business in the industry markets in full force by launching ‘3DWOX 30X (hereinafter, 30X)’, a large industrial 3D printer. 

30X is a 3D printer of FFF(Fused Filament Fabrication) type capable of large-sized printing, and of printing media of size up to 740 mm high, 480 mm deep and 150 mm high. Printing parts and systems for industries with large 3D printer minimizes unnecessary partitioning to yield output of higher accuracy. 

▲3DWOX 30X 

Features of 3DWOX 30X 

① Fast printing speed 

▲ Figure showing printout by new 3D printer of FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) type 

Printer of FFF type is the most popular and cost effective because it melts solid filament of thread shape with the nozzle, and build up the molten filament; however, printing takes many hours. Large printout, particularly, requires faster printing speed. 30X prints at up to 300 mm/s, the top speed of the current FFF type, and responds well to the requirements in industrial sites. 

② Using of Various filaments 

30X utilizes filaments of various materials such as ASA, TPU, PLA, ABS and flexible materials on two nozzles. In particular, filament of ASA material is made of high-temperature, flame-resistant materials of high durability, adequate for satisfying the requirements of customers in industry markets. 

The printer accommodates filaments of up to 8 colors, and is mounted with Color Automatic Change function to maximize efficiency and productivity when replacing filament with those of different colors and materials. 

▲ Image of 3DWOX 30X (front) 

③ Flexible Bed Plate applied 

Sindoh applies Flexible Bed Plate on 30X to improve ease of operation. The user can safely and easily remove printed products from the bed when using this plate. 

④ Other functions 

Various functions such as Calibration Control, Web Monitoring, and MPS Solution are provided to the user. It also features as Alexa voice recognition function for conveniently identifying conditions of printing. In addition, Sindoh ensures high quality of printout and minimizes defect rate by automatically adjusting gap between the bed and the nozzle by operating applicable software. 30X also has noise reduction function for reducing noise and vibration in production processes to guarantee functionality and convenience of high level. 

▲ Image of 3DWOX 30X (hight angle) 

Specifications of 3DWOX 30X 

Sindoh currently supplied 30X to KC Motors, a passenger car and special vehicle parts manufacturer to attract attentions from the industries. Industries indicate, “3D printer was applied to production of parts of vehicles first in Korea, and demonstrated high satisfaction in design development and cost effectiveness for small quantity batch production system for customer’s needs.” Further, Company N, a world-leading sports article brand, purchased some 100 30X, and utilizes them for diversified applications at their production sites. 

Mr. Lee Cheol-woo, an Executive Director of the PR Team of Sindoh said, “Currently, industries worldwide pay keen attentions to versatility of 3D printer, and cases of actual operation have increased while 3D printing technologies are improved.” He continued, “Sindoh will assist various fields of industries with its 3D printing technology and various product lines for enhancing productivity and efficiency.” 

Sindoh, an expert company of 3D printers in Korea, launched 3DWOX 1, 3DWOX 2X, and 3DWOX 7X of FFF type, Sindoh A1/A1+ of SLA type, and the 3D printer products for industrial application to build up various 3D printer product lines for individual customers, experts and industries. Sindoh will continue leading the 3D printer markets nationally and abroad with its excellent quality and know-how, always taking into consideration the interests and supports of customers. 

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