Due to COVID19, the exhibition will be held at Sindoh Cultural Space without any audience attended.

60 Years of History of Sindoh seen through pictures and videos

The Sindoh Cultural Space hold a photo exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Sindoh’s foundation. The exhibition consists of four themes - New Space, New Technology, New Wave and History - which will allow one to look back on the company’s 60-year history and share its present and future vision.

The photo exhibition commemorating the 60th anniversary of Sindoh's establishment consists of four themes on the 60 years of its history from 1960 to 2020 and vision. 

Section A. New Space

The first theme of the exhibition is New Space. Sindoh has been expanding space in line with its growth and development. It built plants one by one - in Seongsu-dong in the 1970s, in Asan in the 1980s, in Cheongdo in the 2000s, and in Hanoi in the 2010s - and they have gone through expansion and remodeling to become what they are currently. In Sindoh’s space are humans, nature and culture in a harmonious balance. 


Section B. New Technology

The second theme is New Technology. By meeting endless challenges and making strenuous efforts in the R&D sector, Sindoh has become a top company that competes with technology and grows based on technology. It went beyond office automation that started with the production of Korea's first photocopier to achieve a smart office innovation. The company is also performing well in the global about 3D business sector.

Section C. New Wave

The third theme is New Wave. Sindoh has continued to grow over the past 60 years, as the company led changes ahead of the times. Sindoh was able to open its own path and move on because of the extraordinary passion of the employees who have always been united. It was on the strength of the Sindoh family that Sindoh is now able to head toward a larger and broader world. Various images of executives and employees, who are the biggest growth engine and future vision of Sindoh, were displayed along with symbols.

Section D. History Wall

The fourth theme is History. It is composed of photographs and videos portraying the history of the company from its founding in 1960 to 2020 chronologically. 

This exhibition provided an opportunity to reflect on the proud history of Sindoh and picture its future. As manifested in the slogan for the 60th anniversary - 'Start, New Sindoh' and this year's management goal 'All 2D&3D Pro, All Innovation, All New Sindoh', we expect Sindoh to continue to lead the market with innovations and new leaps!

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Photo Exhibition Celebrating 60th Anniversary of Sindoh

Place: Sindoh Cultural Space

Date: July 6-24, 2020

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