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Sindoh Art Space opens a group exhibition featuring artworks by four Korean artists: Doh Yun-Hee, Lee Yun-Jin, Gang Ik-Jung, Yoo Geun-Taek. Under the theme Day and Night, which repeat in daily life, the artists aimed to express creativity and unique individuality.


<Day and Night>


Between the two words day and night lie a slew of stories happening daily in all the landscapes of the world, changing with the seasons that feel like destiny, seductive tensions between colors and forms, drama of light and darkness and more.


Day and night can be expressed by various perspectives. Let's take a look at how the four artists expressed day and night by their own artistic way.


Artist Doh Yun-Hee


The artworks by Doh Yun-Hee stand out visually. Her works are characterized by the look of paint created in sculptural layers each of which is finished with varnish. The overall effect evokes depth or the existence of fossils or natural remnants as if they were created but perished and got left behind. The viewer is invited to peruse the repetitive nature and life made up of beings that let go of and get reborn and the infinity of time in the finite time. Traces of paint in multiple layers appear to take diverse forms just like day and night change.


▲ Doh Yun-Hee, Untitled, 2015 162.2 x 130.3cm


▲ Doh Yun-Hee, Untitled, 2013, 200 x 150 cm


Artist Lee Yun-Jin


Lee Yun-Jin presents a series of photographs titled ‘Dosigan’ featuring the unique harmony found in unbalanced urban landscapes filled with buildings and signages in the city and suburb. Having studied in Germany, the artist aimed to express basic yet sophisticated photographic images out of the Korean landscape by embracing delicate, yet architectural compositions found in German photography.


▲ Lee Yun-Jin, Urbanscape Nr.46, Chromogenic C-print, 180x143cm (Ed. 1 of 7), 2010


▲ Lee Yun-Jin, Landscape Nr.50, Chromogenic C-print, 183 X 152cm (Ed. of 7), 2010


▲ Lee Yun-Jin, Urbanscape Nr.47, Chromogenic C-print, 153 x 197 cm, 2013


Artist Gang Ik-Jung


As the title suggests, the series titled ‘What I Know’ by Gang Ik-Jung captures the knowledge and wisdom obtained by the artist in his daily life. He transferred the namesake Korean characters ‘Nae-ga-a-neun-geot’ one by one to the square wooden board measuring 3 x 3 inches. Phrases like ‘Life is a journey on the train’, ‘A rainbow is round from the start’ and ‘A beautiful sunset brings a better tomorrow’ are aphorisms for many days and nights to come for the viewer.


▲ Gang Ik-Jung, Mixed media on wood, 7.6 x 67.7 x 6.2(d)cm, 2020


▲ Gang Ik-Jung’s Artworks


Artist Yoo Geun-Taek


Having moved away from the ideality of Oriental paintings, artist Yoo Geun-Taek embraced the ‘ordinariness of the day’ to portray the landscape seen beyond the window frame that changes by the hour and season.


A night-like pitch blackness and a sunlit autumnal afternoon that he observed with keen interest were transported onto his canvas. In the painting titled ‘Night’ the world outside the window thickly painted in yellow appears extremely abstract in black, but the painterly mood of the night, alone and intimate, stirs the viewer’s heart.


▲ Yoo Geun-Taek <Night>


▲ Yoo Geun-Taek,39.5 x 30cm, 2010


▲ Yoo Geun-Taek, 148 x 100cm, 2021



So far, we have looked into the works of four artists who participated in the exhibition of . It was very interesting to express day and night with different interpretations and perspectives. Currently, Sindoh has been steadily hosting exhibitions since 1999 and has played a big role in enhancing the cultural capabilities of executives and employees and local communities. Please pay more attention to the diverse exhibitions that will be held in the Sindoh Art Space in the future.


<Exhibition Overview>

<Day and Night>

Group Exhibition of Doh Yun-Hee, Lee Yun-Jin, Gang Ik-Jung, Yoo Geun-Taek

Place: Sindoh Art Space (3, Seongsu-ro 24 gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul)

Date : 2021.8.25 ~ 2021.12.16 >




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