Sindoh Co., Ltd., a Korean company specialized in 2D & 3D Printers for over 60 years, announces its optimized 3D printer for Digital Dental Industry, Sindoh A1SD.


It is not the first time that Sindoh has introduced the 3D printer optimized for the dental industry, it has already launched 'Sindoh A1+ to target the dental industry in 2019. Sindoh A1+ is one of 3D printer uses SLA (Stereolightography) method which is a suitable method to print out sophisticated outputs such as transparent calibrators, brackets, and prosthetics necessary for orthodontic treatment.



Fast LCD Printer


Sindoh A1SD, the new optimized 3D printer adopted high-resolution LCD and high efficiency LED and utilizes MSLA (Masked Stereolightography) 3D printing method. MSLA helps to reduce printing time by hardening a single layer at once as soon as it is printed out by LED light. This is one of the advantages of using MSLA method compared to SLA method.


Not only it reduces printing time but also it enables to print dental models faster than usual such as an Inlay which is to fill the space after removing cavities from the teeth and a Bridge which is typically made of crowns on either side of the missing tooth or teeth supporting the pontic (false tooth) and is cemented in place.


Sindoh A1SD provides three selectable thicknesses, 25 μm, 50μm and 100μm. Users can set up the thickness of layers for different situations and personal uses, for example, 50μm can be set up when a more sophisticated product is desired and 100μm can be set up if the output needs to be printed out faster.




High Precision And Optimized Build Size


Sindoh A1SD‘s build size is 5.5inch (115 x 80 x 180mm), it is an optimized build size to minimize the waste of resin because it prints out only necessary parts of prosthetics and use a small trough. By saving the waste of resin, it saves some costs as well.


Various types of resins can be applied to Sindoh A1SD: TC-80DP using to produce a crown, SG-100 using to produce surgical guide, and even 'EP-400' and 'S-100M' using to produce models.




 Reliable Printing Quality and Long Durability


Sindoh A1SD uses LCD panels which is the most important part of a 3D printer and have great durability. This LCD panel makes Sindoh A1SD to be more efficient and easier to manage because it lasts two to three times longer than other products without panel replacement.



Moreover, its Auto Temperature Control System always keeps the temperature between 25~28℃ for more reliable printing quality and it applied uniformity Algorithm Technology which empowers the printing accuracy. These advanced systems provide outstanding quality outputs.


Perfect Zone and Comfortable and Quiet Printing Process


In addition, the perfect zone is implemented to create the best quality of small prosthetics such as Inlay, Crown, Bridge etc. Sindoh A1SD is also made to minimize the noise generated when the 3D output is creating in confined spaces such as workplaces and dental clinic.


Along with the launch of the new product, Sindoh also introduced the Dental Platform, which connects Sindoh A1SD and Dental Laboratory.


Usually, the dental clinic scans the patient's oral cavity, uploads the scan data on the platform, and requests a printing file of scan data to the Dental Laboratory. After this process, Dental Clinics downloads the printing file created and print it out using a 3D printer. However, Sindoh A1SD take only one day to finish this whole process of producing a new dental model.


Meanwhile, Shidoh has been expanding the 3D market since 2016 by establishing the 3D business as a new business and releasing 3D printers and 3D solutions. The FFF-type 3D printer '3DWOX DP200' was Shidoh 's first 3D printer developed implemented its own technology which was launched in 2016, and Shidoh has introduced educational, professional and industrial equipment by releasing the '3DWOX' 3D printer series continuously since 2016. Recently, Sindoh has introduced 3D printer with SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) and SLA, MSLA method using Photo Polymerization 3D printer.


A public relations official at Sindoh said "Sindoh has been supporting the business by providing a platform that connects dental clinic and dental labs for patients to finish their treatment in one day“ and “With dental industry optimized 3D printer Sindoh A1SD and Sindoh 's dental platform, patients can experience an advanced dental treatment.


Sindoh will constantly to make efforts to develop advanced technology and create better products. Please be interested on Sindoh’s further works.



Sindoh A1SD Specifications

Specifications Details
Light Source 405 nm LED / 4K Mono LCD
Printing Time 100 μm : 75 mm / hour, 50 μm : 38 mm / hour
Printer Size 449 x 501 x 600 mm (WxDxH)
Printer Weight 43.2 kg
Build Platform 115 x 80 x 180 mm (WxDxH)
Resolution 50 μm
Resin Thickness 25/50/100 μm
Resin Inlay / Crown (TC-80DP), Surgical Guide (SG-100),
Model (EP-400, S-100M), Open Material
GUI 5Full Color Touch Screen
Resin Supply Manual
Connectivity Ethernet(1G), USB3.0 Device/2.0 Host, Wi-Fi
Additional Feature Play Back (AI), Chamber Heationg (Pre-Heating)




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