First 3D printer to support Materialise Bluesint PA12, featuring significant improved powder efficiency.


Sindoh Co., Ltd., a Korean company specialized in 2D & 3D Printers for over 60 years, announces its first Industrial Polymer 3D Printer, Sindoh S100, for additive manufacturing (AM). Sindoh S100 is the first commercially available 3D printer to offer the Bluesint PA12, a process technology developed by Materialise to enable 3D printing with up to 100% recycled powder.


▲ Sindoh SLS 3D Printer S100


Robust machine with user-friendly operation and maintenance – Manufacturing Proof Machine


Sindoh S100 offers a large build volume of 510 x 510 x 500mm. It is a manufacturing proof machine that guarantees the reproducibility of build with consistent printing accuracy. It provides an industry-leading scanning speed of up to 15m/s (33ft/s). The machine is equipped with 2 lasers that each covers the full printing field. They have a flexible spot size thanks to the 3D axes scanning technology which makes it possible to change the spot size on-the-fly independently for each laser. Combined with the capability of working with variable layer thicknesses, this new machine guarantees a very high productivity. Sindoh S100’s semi-automatic calibration function and remote diagnostic maintenance capabilities ensure high efficiency in operation and maintenance.


Fully controllable machine with material packages offered.


Sindoh S100 gives engineers and operators more control over the printing process by enabling them to tweak the machine and process parameters. A processing temperatures up to 200℃ allows a wide variety of materials such as Evonik PA12, BASF Ultrasint® PA11, TPU and PP. By empowering engineers to fine-tune, optimize and personalize the 3D printing process, they can add their personal expertise and experience to unleash the full power of 3D printing.


Printing with up to 100% recycled powder


Sindoh S100 is the first commercially available machine that can print with up to 100% recycled powder thanks to the Bluesint PA12, a process technology developed by Materialise that eliminates powder waste during 3D printing. The result would be printed object using 100% recycled demonstrating comparable mechanical and visual properties as ones from fresh powder. With the Bluesint PA12, powder that would normally be wasted can be given a second life to make new parts, drastically increasing the resource efficiency of Laser Sintering.


Industry-leading software bundle


Each S100 is bundled with Magics Print 25, a Materialise Build Processor and its Control Platform (MCP) to offer the best user experience of file fixing and pre-print processing as well as advanced process control. In addition, the machine is fully compatible with Magics RP and Streamics to support industry-scale 3D print production. Sindoh S100 also offers a cloud-based access to crucial machine data for remote diagnostic support and maintenance.



Specifications of Sindoh S100


Build Container Volume

510 x 510 x 500 mm (20.1 x 20.1 x 19.7 in)

Laser Type

2 x CO; 2 x 100W

Laser Wavelength



2 x 3-axis Digital Scanning System

Scanning Speed

Max. 15 m/s (33ft/s)

Layer Thickness

0.06 -0.18mm

Build Speed

4.7 Vh (18mm/h)

Powder Bed


Max. 200°C


21.5 inch Full Color Touch Screen

Power  Supply

380-410 VAC 3/N/PE

Dimension (WxDxH)

2,815 x 1,590 x 2,312 mm (110.8 x 62.6 x 91.0 in)


Installation Space

4,100 x 4,000 x 3,400 mm (161.4 x 157.5 x 133.8 in)

Printer Weight

Approx. 2,500 kg (5,511 lb)


Materialise Control Platform (MCP)

Materialise Software Bundle

- Magics Print, Build Processor

- Compatible with Magics 25, Streamics


PA12, PA11, TPU, PP


Auxiliary Equipment


Functional Breakout Station


Materialise to acquire the first Sindoh S100 machines


Materialise proudly becomes the first company to acquire Sindoh S100 printers, in total of five units. Materialise operates one of the largest 3D printing factories in the world. With the Bluesint PA12 technology, the company can offer customers a manufacturing choice with not only superior technical specifications but also minimized environmental footprints.


“Bluesint PA12 represents a major step towards making 3D printing more sustainable.”, said Fried Vancraen, CEO of Materialise. “The introduction of the Sindoh S100 printer, the first to support Bluesint PA12, will help us empower our customers to make a choice for sustainability.”


Dr. Woo, Suk-Hyung, Chairman of Sindoh said, “Sindoh S100 has both performance and economic values through its large build volume and an unparalleled powder recycling rate.” “This new product also demonstrates the excellent synergy of Materialise Software and the 60 years of hardware manufacturing experience of Sindoh. Combining the latest technologies of both companies, it enables significant reduction in production cost as well as excellent printing performance.”


Sindoh S100 is now available for ordering with the delivery scheduled in 2Q 2021. Visit for more information. 


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