Sindoh A1+, an SLA-mode 3D printer of expert 2D and 3D printer business Sindoh Company, won a prize in the Electronics Division of the Good Design Award of the US.


The Good Design Award is an award jointly organized by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design, and Urban Studies.


Celebrating its 70th anniversary after having been founded in 1950, the Good Design Award announces winners in diverse product fields from manufacturing businesses and Fortune Global 500 businesses in about 50 countries in the world annually.


▲ 3D Printer “Sindoh A1+”


Sindoh won the award in recognition for its excellent product capabilities as well as sensible design. As a product designed by Tangerine, a world-leading design and consulting firm, Sindoh A1+ boasts of sophisticated and sensible design at any location including offices and work sites.


The architectural square feature renders sensible shape and does not degrade accessibility to the printer; the door handle is designed to be simple and intuitive to ensure practicality.


In particular, the three sides of the printer are fabricated with transparent acrylic sheets in orange color to yield a high sense of beauty. The design allows viewing products being printed at an angle of up to 270 degrees to facilitate quality control of output.


The 5-inch full color touch screen is intuitively designed for the easy operation of functions, configuring the control flow of work process in detail to enhance the convenience of users.


The quality design of Sindoh A1+ is the result of concentrating on enhancing intuitiveness of use while maintaining minimalism. The background of design of Sindoh A1+, which established a unique design beyond the restriction of SLA printer, is given below.

SLA mode printer of Sindoh, Sindoh A1/A1+ design story


As a 3D printer of SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) mode, “Sindoh A1+” guarantees highly precise output. The printer applies raster mode instead of vector mode for printing multiple articles simultaneously, and you can experience fast speed.


The printer supports various resin materials including those uniquely owned by Sindoh, providing high versatility in multiple industrial fields such as machinery, automobile, dental application, and jewelry using precise molds. The printer is a desktop 3D printer but is capable of printing large objects 200 mm wide, 200 mm deep, and 180 mm high.


▲3D printer Sindoh A1+ exhibited on the 3D Hall of Sindoh


“It is a great pleasure to win the world-renowned Design Award in recognition for our design and capabilities that are differentiated from competitors. Sindoh will continue making its best endeavors for the development and launch of new products armed with attractive design, excellent capabilities, and high stability to hold its own against global large companies,” an executive of Sindoh said.


According to Tangerine, which designed Sindoh A1+, it is particularly meaningful to win the award in the US, which is the leading 3D printer market. “The product can be assessed highly for differentiated design and thoughtful research activities for designing from the standpoint of users,” it added.


Sindoh will continuously develop products satisfying both sensible design and functions and enhance customer satisfaction. Please look forward to our improvements! 


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