Sindoh, a 2D and 3D expert company, launched ‘N620 series’, a smart A3 B/W multi-function printer capable of fast processing of diversified tasks, and supports optimized job environment. 

Currently, rapid change of business environments has caused an increased demand for multi-function office systems. There have been rapid changes in various fields including companies, homes, medical treatments, and education since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, and keen attention has been paid to office systems compliant with the requirements in the now normal era. Sindoh introduces you to the new N620 Series as a response to new trends in today’s era. 

▲ Product image of N620 (front) 

Major functions of N620 Series 

① 10.1-inch tilting and sliding touch panel 

N620 Series provides maximized convenience of use. In particular, the 10.1-inch display and the intuitive GUI allow easy and convenient use of the product. The touch panel is capable of tilting up and down between 23° and 53°, and sliding to the left and right up to 62 mm respectively. The user can use the product at the angle most comfortable to him / her.   

There are also multiple functions enhancing convenience. For example, N620 Series is equipped with Auto Dust Removal Function that senses contamination resulted from dust and spots on the ADF glass, or during copying and scanning, and automatically removes unnecessities from printouts. 

② Solution optimized for offices 

Sindoh is an expert company of office solutions, and supplies functions optimized for digital office environment. N620 Series is capable of building up safe and convenient job environments by supporting diversified solution functions required for cloud printing, document security and system control. One of the strengths of the product is support of mobile printing from smart phones and tablets of any models. You can print photos and documents from Apple systems with Air-Print function, and Android systems by downloading Sindoh Print App (sPrint). 

③ High-speed ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) 

▲ Product image of N620 (bird-eye view) 

N620 Series is equipped with the automatic document feeder (ADF) of low noise and high speed of 70 ipm for processing mass documents quietly and fast during scanning and printing, and with two output trays in default for classifying documents from printing, copying, and fax receiving. 

④ Energy saving by recognizing job patterns 

Supporting functions of the product are also enhanced for various job patterns. Weekly Timer function is added that adjusts standby time by automatically recognizing job patterns of users in weekdays and weekend as well as commuting time, lunch break, job-concentrated hours for convenient operation of power-saving mode to extend the service life of the product, and utilize energy-saving features. 

⑤ Applying SRR (Self Refresh & Recycle) mode 

N620 Series implements high-quality printing and convenient system control by exercising AR (Auto Refine) mode for automatic purification by mixing carrier in new toner, and SRR (Self Refresh & Recycle) mode applied with benefits of recycling by screening particles dependent upon size of used toner. 

Specifications of N620 Series of Sindoh 

Sindoh’s Managing Director & Head-Public, Lee Cheol-woo said, “N620 Series of A3 B/W multi-function printer is a printer for office environment specialized for user-tailored solutions, and a smart multifunction printer providing more convenient to job environment. The product will be the best partner of your business with its high-speed printing, durability, and convenience functions.” 

Sindoh is also planning enhancement of customer satisfaction in the second half of 2020 with N620 Series that allows buildup of smart business environments with optimized functions of solution consulting and tailored services, and improvement of printing quality and enhancement of durability. We are cordially inviting you to check out Sindoh. We offer convenience to customers as we lead the new normal era through continuous R&D activities. 

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