▲ Hans-Christian Schink, Sacsay Huaman(3)

C-print / diasec, framed, 121 X 143cm (Ed. 1 of 3), 2004

※ Due to COVID19, the exhibition will be held at Sindoh Cultural Space without any audience attended

A special exhibition is to be held at the Sindoh Cultural Space, promising new hope in the coming New Year. This is the last exhibition in 2020 that will feature various artworks overseas from Japan, US, and Europe as well as the Middle East, which is not familiar to us to some extent, and will play the role of communicating in the world as we had experienced so far. It will be a good opportunity for viewing and enjoying creative ideas and personal techniques of individual artists. 

Meeting Iranian Traditions with Pop Art, Farhad Moshiri 

▲Farhad Moshiri, Hammam 1&2 

 Hand embroidered beads on canvas, 60x60cm each (40 panels), 2011 

The work of Farhad Moshiri -- the representative artist of the Middle East living in Tehran, the capital city of Iran, after staying for 12 years in the US during the Iranian revolution -- illustrates well-blended visual language descended from the cultures of Iran and Western Europe. His work combines the techniques of bead embroidery as the traditional craft of Iran and image of pop culture of Western Europe to render an ironical interpretation of the artist of the confusion over identity as felt by Iranians. 

Delivering specific messages in symbolic works, Robert Indiana 

▲Robert Indiana, KvF I From The Hartly Elegies: The Berlin Series 

Five serigraphs in colors on White saunders watercolor 410g paper, 203.2 X 141cm, 1990 

The work of Robert Indiana, a typical pop artist from the US, illustrates extremely concise and simplified logograph containing literary symbolism and informality of the public. The artist has created symbolic works illustrating letters and ornaments that are popular in the US with loud colors, clearly showing how contemporary commercial design is logical and governs modern cultures. 

Introducing the everlasting relationship between human arts and Mother Nature, Hans-Christian Schink 

▲Hans-Christian Schink, Cumbe Mayo(1) 

C-print / diasec, framed, 121 X 143cm, 2004 

The work of Hans-Christian Schink from Germany recognizes the boundaries created by human beings and introduces the everlasting relationship between human arts and Mother Nature on pictures of environments where nature not reached by human beings encounters human beings.

Express the existence of absence, Jane & Louise Wilson 

▲Jane & Louise Wilson, Safe Light, Ballroom 

C-type print on aluminum in perspex, 180 X 180 X 2cm, 2003 

Jane and Louise Wilson, twin sister artists from the UK, perform installation arts with photos, images, and sculptures. They attempt to tell us about specific topography bearing multi-spatial identities and matters beyond the boundary of certain space, say, existence of absence. They work on exposing urban geography not easily seen by the public and search for mobile relationship among architectural elements at specific locations. 

The return of Postmodernism, Markus Lüpertz 

▲Markus Lüpertz, Enthauptung 

Oil on canvas, 200 x 162cm, 1984 

Markus Lüpertz, the representative artist of the first generation of Germany’s Neo-Expressionism, is a renowned artist for his fusion of abstract paintings and expression. The artist has worked on the combination of mentions on the history and cultures of Germany including pop cultures, themes and heroes of bibles and myths, and Nazi era. 

Saying the irony of civilization, Masaya Chiba 

▲Masaya Chiba, Peaceful village 

Oil on canvas, 141.5 x 240cm, 2008 

Masaya Chiba from Japan shows the surrealistic panorama of daily still lives created or photographed by him on the vast sceneries. The artist has realized that infinite cozy lives thanks to the benefits of the cultures are no longer feasible, having experienced the great Japanese earthquake; thus expressing such limits on the lives. 

A unique way of reminding a 20th century master, Toru Kuwakubo 

▲Toru Kuwakubo, Composition 0919 

Oil on canvas, 162 x 194cm, 2009 

Toru Kuwakubo expresses surreal scenes on oil paintings of thick matiere like Van Gogh, and his works render pleasant emotions associated with familiar paintings as well as evoke unease and curiosity among spectators. 

Talk about themes of divine nature and immortality, Verne Dawson 

▲Verne Dawson, Turtle 

Oil on linen, 172.7 x 106.7 cm, 1986-2008 

Verne Dawson, an American artist beautifully expressing fantastic scenes in the universe, talks about themes of divine nature and immortality as well as our existence in the universe. The artist searches for mathematical and astronomic symbols in folklore, calendar, and astrology by threading the vast history of human beings through the present. 

Sindoh has consistently hosted exhibitions and contributed to enhancing the cultural capabilities of executives and employees since 1999. You can't go abroad as much as you want because of COVID19, this exhibition will be even more special where you can meet various countries through art works. Please look forward to Sindoh's efforts to develop art and culture. 

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