Aiming to become the best global output solution partner, Sindoh has created a product promotional video for the 3-D printer “3DWOX DP200” and the A3 black and white multifunction printer (MFP) “N610 Series.” At the SDNA Exhibition Hall in Sindoh’s Seoul headquarters, JNF’s commercial filmmaker Ungsik Yu and staff filmed the promotional video that featured model Amy. Here are the behind-the-scene news of the video shooting.

3-D Printer 3DWOX DP200 



The video starts with a clip of replicas of mini vehicles made by 3DWOX. 3DWOX DP200’s basic features and product specifications, such as maximum output size, lamination thickness, and Red Dot Design Award-winning external design, are explained first.

Stable production system of Sindoh (Source: Sindoh’s YouTube channel)

After that, the high-tech features of 3DWOX, such as automatic filament supply, web monitoring, and semi-auto leveling of printer bed, are introduced. Explanations of Sindoh’s outstanding technology and quality management system are added. Based on this, introductions about Sindoh are inserted between the images to enhance the customers’ trust.

▒ Description of the 3DWOX DP200

- Output size of 200×200×200×185 mm 

- Red Dot Design Awardee 

- Convenient functions with 5-in LCD screen

- Auto loading and unloading filament

- Convenient bed leveling and web monitoring

- Convenient nozzle removal and various networking

A3 Black and White MFP N610 Series 



The promotional video of the A3 black and white MFP N610 Series starts with an introduction of Sindoh. The company has strengths in all areas of research and development, production, sales, and service. Based on such advantages, the PR video aims to improve the customers’ trust in the Sindoh brand.

After that, the advantages of the N610 Series followed. Its compact design, 9-in LCD panel, and GUI are presented with the detailed description of its copy, print, scan, and fax functions. In addition, the video graphically displays advanced office solutions, such as cloud print and mobile print, and explains the competitiveness of the product in detail.

Mobile print available for the N610 Series (Source: Sindoh’s YouTube channel)

This film talks about the presence of A3 MFP in the global market. It also gives a brief explanation of the features of the economically affordable MFP N410 Series and the colored MFP D310 Series.

▒ Description of the N610 Series  

- 9-in LCD panel and Sindoh’s unique and intuitive GUI

- ID duplication and simultaneous double-side scanning

- Fax transmittable up to 1 m

- Maximum of 2,100 sheets loadable with paper option

- Efficient device use with 256 GB SSD option

- Various office solutions such as cloud printing and document security solution


The product promotional video filming was made with the help of many experts. The shooting day took a longer time than expected because of camera and lighting settings, machine settings, and model management. However, Director Yu did not stop on maneuvering the film creation for better quality. Also, the product photo shots varied greatly depending on the angle and lighting. So, the photography director had to check everything and finally got good-quality images.

Sindoh’s products are based on customer trust. The Sindoh staff’s excellent teamwork at the video shooting guarantees that trust. We have made utmost efforts to incorporate our outstanding technology into our products fully, and we long for Sindoh’s leap toward the global market.

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