Earlier this year, Sindoh participated as a technical partner of SOLIDWORKS in 'SOLIDWORKS World', the world-renowned 3D design professional conference. Sindoh presented 'Apps for Kids', the cloud 3D printing app jointly developed with SOLIDWORKS, 3D design software company at the conference. 

Here we’d like to introduce the 'Apps for Kids', which has been highly praised by researchers and visitors.

'Apps for Kids' Now on the Global Stage

The main event of ‘SOLIDWORKS World(SWW) 2017’ conference was the showcase of 'Apps for Kids' jointly developed by Sindoh and SOLIDWORKS. Chinloo, a senior user experience manager at SOLIDWORKS, said, "3D Cloud Direct Print could be implemented in partnership with Sindoh, a leading Korea 3D printer manufacturer" in the introduction and then explained features and how to use it in detail.

Apps for Kids Features

‘Apps for Kids’, as its name implies, is an educational application developed for kids and students. This app allows these young students to easily implement 3D design into 3D printing by using simplified version of 3D CAD. 

In this concern, the first unique feature of this app is its easy user interface. ‘Apps for Kids’ user interface is designed to be simple and easy to use. For instance, the default main screen shows intuitive menus, such as Style It, Mech It, and Print It menus so that users can move to a desired menu.  

The second unique feature of the app is the fast simple process of 3D model design generation.  Its UX(User Experience) is excellent because of its visual UI components. Friendly colors of the layout, intuitive menus and big icon designs makes users to use the app fluently.  

The third feature is the maximization of its safetiness and effectiveness of education by ‘3DWOX DP201’, Sindoh’s newly released 3D printer. 3DWOX DP201 designed by Sindoh with its own technology is the 3D printer specialized for educational purpose. Its ‘Flexible bed’ allows users to separate the printed output from the bed easily and securely. Moreover, its real-time mobile monitoring feature using smart phone makes kids education more effective.  Most of all, its use of Eco-friendly filament and auto-loading feature provide convenience and healthy environment for the young users. 

Basic Logic of Connecting Apps for Kids and 3DWOX

Here you can find the process of printing output by connecting 'Apps for Kids' and Sindoh's '3DWOX DP201'. Users access to Sindoh cloud and get the code generated. Then, as submitting the code into Amazon server, users can single sign on ‘3DWOX’ and ‘Apps for Kids’.

Please take a closer look at the process flow diagram below.

➊ Open ‘Apps for Kids’ on PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

➋ Pick or design a model you wish to print, then click ‘Print it’ button on the app.

➌ Complete the Slicing process through Sindoh Cloud Slicer on Amazon Cloud Server.

➍ Compatible with ‘Apps for Kids’ server. 

➎ After the printing design finishes slicing, the design file gets saved in Sindoh’s Amazon cloud server.  

➏ You can confirm the design file saved via PC, Tablet or Smart Phone. 

➐ 3DWOX starts 3D Printing after downloading the printing design from the server. 

Apps for Kids Developer Review

So what do ‘Apps for kids’ developers think about their app? Here are the reviews from the developers.

Apps for Kids development outline - Senior UX manager, Chinloo Lama

Since last year, SOLIDWORKS has carried out its future strategy securing young customers by developing comprehensible simple 3D apps. In this regard, we’ve tried to advance the app by analyzing the reviews from over 1,300 users and testing over 5,000 models. 

In result, we could realize incredible progress, such as minimizing the complex architecture of the tool, maximizing the fun elements, and cloud direct printing, thanks to Sindoh and their printing technology.

If you register 3DWOX printer to Apps for Kids, you can execute 3D printing no matter where you are as long as you are connected to internet due to Amazon Cloud. Apps for Kids will be the application software giving hopes and inspirations to future designers who desire to have their own unique designs.

Cloud Printing of Apps for Kids - Sung-ho Kim, SW Development Lead

Sindoh is very proud of the fact that Sindoh developed the Cloud 3D Print feature connected with Apps for Kids. As long as your internet connection is on, you can print without any installation of programs or drivers regardless of locations and places.

Sindoh could enhance the 3D printing system by partnership with SOLIDWORKS. Sindoh is a dominant leader of 2D printer industry in Korea for over 60 years. With its accumulated know-hows and expertise, Sindoh will do its best to create a great sensation in 3D printer industry worldwide.

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