The Global leading office-solution maker, Sindoh has exclusively developed a new 3D printer model, ‘3DWOX’ and released to global markets. With Sindoh’s own brand and know-how, Sindoh 3DWOX has been introduced at the several global exhibitions while being sold on global online marketplace, 

Due to its successful launch and positive customer reviews on, Sindoh now expands the distribution market to Japan & UK through 

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As Sindoh 3DWOX has been introduced at the various exhibitions worldwide, it has gained incredible recognitions and supports.

In result, Sindoh 3DWOX is now becoming a hot issue in both domestic and overseas markets. Even the foreign visitors coming to the Sindoh booth at the expo seem recognize ‘Sindoh’ brand already. Such reputation and popularity have come from its solid presence as a vendor sellership on

Sindoh started its first sales as a Seller Central at on February 2016. As acknowledged the capability of Sindoh 3DWOX over the rapid sales growth, amazon has soon upgraded Sindoh to Vendor Central from regular Seller Central. According to amazon customer review, Sindoh 3DWOX has scored 4.8 out of 5 star points which aren’t ordinary among amazon sellers. 

The reviews from actual users are very frank and detailed. For instance, a high school teacher, ‘Jon’ who had been using 3D printers for 10 years reviewed Sindoh 3DWOX as “this machine is my most favorite.”

Not only he but also many others who purchased and used Sindoh 3DWOX reviewed its excellences in ease of use, safety, and output quality.

amazon Customer Review for Sindoh 3DWOX

“Awesome 3D printer!” By Jon

In my opinion, the DP200 3DWOX is one of the most under-rated 3D printers on Amazon. If you’re looking for an exceptional sub-$1500.00 3D printer, this is the one. I am a high school pre-engineering teacher that has been building and using 3D printers for 10 years. So far, this machine is my most favorite. This machine is simple to setup and use and I totally recommend it. The 5 inch touch screen is amazing! The screen response is quick when selecting options. There are lots of options available through the touch screen. My best advice is to print files off a thumb-drive from the front USB port.

“Engineering approved / Great Quality” By Ali

This printer is awesome. I am an engineer and have worked with very expensive 3D printers, and this one is by far one of the best ones I’ve used. Extremely easy to setup. Quality is great and support tears off very easily. All in all, amazing printer and I am happy with my purchase.

“Amazing printer” By Ignacio Riquelme

Amazing printer. I am new to the whole 3D Printing, but this printer blew my mind. Easy to set up and use. I am a SolidWork user so it is even easier to CAD and print.

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Amazon 3DWOX Review

With the successful sales growth on amazon US, Sindoh 3DWOX is now expanding its market to amazon Japan & UK. In the case of Japan, Sindoh’s newly released 3DWOX model has already been sold to customers from February 2017 via amazon Japan.

It’s such a meaningful monument for Sindoh to export self-made 3D printers to Japan with its own technology and know-how.

Click here to visit Sindoh 3DWOX on Amazon Japan

Click here to visit Sindoh 3DWOX on Amazon UK

Furthermore, as Sindoh 3DWOX launches on amazon UK at the end of February targeting customers who seek low-price, high-quality 3D printers, many technology medias and 3D printer fans keep their eyes on Sindoh’s outcome whether if it can raise its ‘Global Sindoh’ brand image or not. 

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