Sindoh, a representative company specializing in 2D & 3D printers in Korea, has successfully completed an art project exhibition using 3D printing technology. In this exhibition, 3D printer model "3DWOX DP201" developed by Sindoh and <Diffusion_Heart>, a heart model artwork created by collaborating with Korean artist group Fabrikr, were exhibited.

Artist group Fabrikr, who collaborated with Sindoh, is a design duo engaged in various genres of artworks ranging from single object work to space installation art.

 Artworks and exhibitions of Fabrikr

From left: Art Furniture_Monster (2010), Art Furniture_GIEOL (2014), Exhibition_COMESWING WITH RUBBER DUCK (2015), 

Space Composition_Gentle Monster_BATH HOUSE (2015)

They have grown steadily, collaborating with domestic celebrities and famous brands including Singer G-Dragon and Eyewear brand Gentle Monster. In particular, their artwork GIEOL has been permanently preserved at the Victorian and Albert Museum in the UK, a world-renowned art museum, achieving recognition not only in Korea but also in overseas exhibitions.

Fabrikr visited the Sindoh Technology Institute to examine 3DWOX products and printouts

Sindoh and Fabrikr agreed to work on a project to make the 3D printing technology an enjoyable experience for the public and prepared a project on the collaboration of technology and art through discussions on various ideas. During the preparation of the art project, Fabrikr visited the Sindoh headquarters several times to manipulate 3DWOX directly and conceived the artworks that could be implemented in 3D printing.

▲ Fabrikr is installing the artwork <Diffusion_Heart> on Cafe Onion

After the all-out efforts to make the best artwork not only technically but also artistically, the 3D printing artwork <Diffusion_Heart> finally showed itself to the public in July. <Diffusion_Heart> is an artwork that expresses a heart model with more than 1,600 18cm modules by Sindoh's 3D printer “3DWOX DP201.” Its size and volume are as large as 270x220x170cm.

The title <Diffusion> has two meanings. Fabrikr recognizes that all objects around us are made up of a series of fabric structures, so they included the concept of "expansion," which means that the modules printed by a 3D printer can create anything imaginable through combination. At the same time, the artwork is released in Seongsu-dong where industry and culture coexist, suggesting how the fusion of industry and culture can be "expanded" and changed.

Seoul’s Seongsu-dong, the place where the exhibition of the art project took place, is one of the hippest places leading the trend of the Korean cultural industry as of 2017. Originally, it was a dense area of small factories; now, however, it is being transformed into a complex cultural space representing Korea, earning the nickname "Brooklyn in Korea" through vigorous space regeneration. It is also located next to the Seoul headquarters of Sindoh.

▲ Outputting a module for <Diffusion_Heart> using 3DWOX DP201

When they visited Seongsu-dong and saw the 3D printer actually printing for the first time, the public responded with curiosity to the unfamiliar scene they had never seen before. The 3D printing industry is a promising area for future technology, but it is still in the pre-deployment stage. As a result, those in their 20s and 30s in Korea who had a lot of interest in the 3D printing industry but had little chances of actually experiencing it showed the biggest interest. 

Sindoh and Fabrikr are confident that more people will have a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with 3D printing technology through the project exhibition.

We released the behind-the-scenes stories of the <Diffusion_Heart> production process. Watch the video now, and you can go through all of it from the production process to the Fabrikr designer interview.

Sindoh's 3DWOX is easy to operate and small in size, making it easy for non-experts to use. We expect the Korean public's interest in 3D printing technology to translate into interest in Sindoh's self-developed 3D printer “3DWOX DP200” and “3DWOX DP201.” As a leading 2D & 3D printer company representing Korea, Sindoh will take the lead in popularizing domestic 3D printing technology through experimental projects from now on.

Description of the artwork <DIFFUSION HEART> 

ARTIST: Fabrikr

MEDIUM: 3D printer (3DWOX DP201/Sindoh)

SIZE: 2,700 x2,200x1,700(mm)

YEAR: 2017

Every object around us consists of a series of structures. This structure appears to us in combination with various forms, ranging from very small objects to huge structures. The structure and form of a unit, which is the minimum unit of structures necessary for all objects to exist, is visualized with a ‘module’ by Fabrikr. Thus, visualized modules combine with other modules so that they could become anything we can imagine.

Featured artworks <DIFFUSION_HEART(2017)> has been produced by utilizing Sindoh’s 3D printers. The modules created in a new way suggest the functionality of 3D printers that fall under the category of art. Fabrikr presents this new type of artwork in Seongsu-dong, where industry and culture coexist, showing how the convergence of industry and culture can be expanded and changed.

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