Sindoh unveiled its latest technologies and products at the ‘TCT Japan 2020’ trade fair, which was held at the Tokyo Big Sight venue from January 28 to February 1. Among the products on display at the Sindoh booth were 3D printers including the 3DWOX 1, 3DWOX 1X, 3DWOX 2X, 3DWOX 7X, and Sindoh A1+. 

TCT Japan, one of the most popular events dedicated to 3D printing technology, attracts leading 3D powerhouses such as Korea, China, France, the U.K., India and Japan. The show features 3D printers used in diverse industries, such as optics/precision devices, design and graphics, hardware, tools, lab equipment, automation and robotics. Tokyo Big Sight, the expo venue, is the largest convention center in Japan, with a total area of 102,000 m2. As such, it was a great opportunity for Sindoh to shine! Let’s find out how the company fared against its global competitors. 

Sindoh A1+ with SLA printing technology and 3DWOX 7X’s popularity as a large-format printer 

▲TCT JAPAN (Source: TCT Magazine

Representatives from Sindoh’s HQ joined the show along with the Tokyo office to identify the future direction of sales of 3D printers along with the current landscape of the global 3D printing industry. In particular, getting a chance to listen to the voices of the actual consumers of 3D technologies was meaningful. 

Visitors to the Sindoh booth included customers who were in the market for a 3D printer and others simply seeking information. Especially popular were the A1+ supporting SLA printing technology, which is appreciated for the high quality of its printed results, and the 3DWOX 7X, a large-format printer. Although the FFF technology is competitive in terms of price and ease of use, it is somewhat limited in terms of the quality of the printed result. Despite this limitation, the 3DWOX 7X was at the center of attention thanks to its huge dimensions and precision as a large-scale 3D printer. 

Sindoh informed interested visitors that the 3DWOX1, 1X and 2X are favorites in the education markets of Korea and the U.S. Furthermore, visitors were given a great opportunity to experience 3D printers from Sindoh. 

Impressions from TCT JAPAN 2020 

The show team worked closely together with the strategic business division to prepare for the show. We were able to deliver product and technology information most effectively at the venue thanks to our thorough preparations. Also, the show gave us an opportunity to expand the brand awareness of Sindoh and to introduce our new product lineup. Sindoh’s members also listened to the voices of diverse customers, which will be massively helpful with future business development. Let’s see what Bo-gwan Kim from our Tokyo office felt about the show. 

Bo-gwan Kim, head of Sindoh’s Tokyo office 

“I was initially concerned about the possible cancellation of TCT Japan, but we managed to leave the venue feeling very satisfied thanks to our efficient administration and preparation. This year saw more visitors to the Sindoh booth than ever before, which reconfirmed my view on the needs of the market and the future vision for 3D printing technologies. 

It turns out Sindoh performed really well at TCT Japan. Let’s hope it will serve as the basis for Sindoh’s expansion into the global market, beyond Japan, in the near future. 

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