TCT Show 2017 was held for three days from September 26th to 28th in Birmingham, an industrial city in central England. Employees of Sindoh’s Strategic Business Division, Software Development Department, and R&D Department participated in the TCT Show. We deliver the news from the TCT Show, where we were introduced to the global 3D industry.

3D printer workers around the world are gathered at TCT Show 

TCT Show was held for the 22nd time this year. In the past, CAD, CNC, and Molding were dominant, but recently 3D printers have become a center of the global 3D event.

TCT is a UK company running technology-related magazines, handing out awards and organizing events. This year, around 300 companies participated in this event and around 10,000 global visitors participated. During the three-day show, there were lectures by professionals and great scholars on the 3D industry for the Main and Tech stages, and large-scale permanent exhibits were also held.

This year, Stratasys and 3D Systems both exhibited their F1 cars side-by-side, and it attracted the attention of participants. They showed how to make the parts of a sports car with their 3D printers. In addition, large equipment produced by Industry 3D printer makers, global companies such as HP, GE, and Ricoh, as well as software and service-bureau companies such as Autodesk and Materialize participated in the event.

Sindoh participated in TCT Show for the first time, exhibiting 3DWOX DP200 and DP201, which have already been released. In addition, we showed an advanced 3D printer equipped with two nozzles and two cartridges, which is expected to be released this fall, attracting visitors' attention.

Global Response to Sindoh's Printers 

TCT Show was a large conference and exhibition that attracted a lot of people, including industry representatives as well as engineers, designers and engineering students in the UK. Some visitors at the Sindoh booth boasted that they had purchased the 3DWOX DP200 and they were using it.

Visitors were very interested in the flexible bed of 3DWOX DP201, which can take the printout off the bed without using a scraper. One visitor said, "The new product is expected to be able to print using a variety of materials and is equipped with eco-friendly filters."

In addition, resellers in Europe who distribute 3D printers visited Sindoh’s booth. The representative from "Solid Solutions Ireland", who had previously imported Sindoh’s 3D printers, and the marketing staff from "Systematics Limited" in Israel, said they would like to receive a sample machine after actually testing Sindoh’s new model.

Also, the European participants from Germany, France, Italy and Spain showed interest in Sindoh’s booth. Eastern European resellers from Turkey, Romania and other countries also looked into Sindoh’s products and discussed ways of cooperation. We also introduced Sindoh’s 3D printers to several local distributors in the UK.

Those who visited the Sindoh booth at TCT Show confirmed the technology of our products and responded positively. Sindoh will continue to show our 3D printers at the exhibitions to meet buyers in the future, accelerating our overseas business development.

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