Since 1994, Purdue University, which uses Sindoh's 3DWOX in the annual Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA) that has developed into one of America's leading art and craft art fair, won first place in the Connect category.

Concept of meeting between nature and science 

Sears Tower and Millennium Park, Navy Pier, known as one of Chicago's three greatest attractions, has amusement facilities as well as a large-scale multipurpose space centered on the harbor. The annual Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design exhibition (SOFA), which is held here every year, is a famous exhibition for sculptors and craftsmen, and many galleries and artists in Korea have expressed interest in participation.

The 24th SOFA, which was held in Navy Pier's 2,000-square meter exhibition space, was held from November 2 to 5, with visitors reaching 35,000. Various specialists in space design have boasted of their own works and commercial contacts with dealers.

The Connect part of the SOFA organizer is the competition of schools wherein dozens of universities in America take on the challenge each year. Six universities that passed the preliminaries participated in the festival this year and started the SOFA exhibition. 

Purdue's industrial design  

The students were drawn to the fact that a natural product such as wood could be transformed into functional and artistic furniture with the joining of 3D printers and screws. Purdue University is currently running an open lab that students can freely use, with 20 units of 3DWOX DP200 and DP201. 

Because it is easy to use, and checking the output process of prototype making is convenient, I usually use 3DWOX. It may have been natural for 3DWOX ideas to be derived naturally while considering this SOFA exhibition project.

Twenty Branches & Four Benches 

Purdue's entries, which exhibited 3DWOX DP201 with several pieces and emphasized products using 3D printers, were brilliant. It was an exhibition of crafts emphasizing functionality. Twenty branches and four sturdy benches showing the coolness of the space won first place and enjoyed immense popularity during the exhibition period. For Purdue University, the joy of being number one for two consecutive years was added.

The students who prepared the exhibit did not even have a bench to seat one person in the early days. They said they improved the design and added the sophistication of 3D output to enhance durability. Purdue's work, which won first place in SOFA 2017 in Chicago, is expected to be on permanent display at the makerspace in Indianapolis.

Meanwhile, Professor Kim Dong-jin, who led the creation of Busan's Wonder Lab last summer, and 3DWOX Evangelist, who is currently in the process of collaborating with Sindoh 3D printer in Hanyang University, plans to take on the challenge in the ongoing space exhibition including China's SOFA at the end of this month.

Professor Kim Dong-jin of Purdue University 

3D printers are already widely expected to change the manufacturing processes. Of course, if you use 3D printers, it is not difficult to deduce the design strengths. Still, popularization requires showing that the production of the function is actually possible through 3D printer. 

Thanks to the professors, students, and Sindoh 3DWOX who have been together for three months, we have created a bench that can seat seven people. In the future, we will continue to develop industrial design with functionality that relies in the unlimited possibilities of 3D printers.

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