Sindoh is a leading company specializing in MFP (Multi-Function Products) and printer sector in Korea. Gaining global competitiveness in all areas including R&D, production, sales, and service, we continue to grow our business. In particular, Sindoh has opened a new era in the 3D printer business as its new growth engine since 2016. Based on our technology of producing 2D printers for nearly 60 years, 3DWOX, our self-developed 3D printer model, is already trusted in the global market.

As a result, 3DWOX has been exported in large quantities in the first half of this year to North America, which has excellent IT technology. This is also the result of Sindoh's efforts to expand and strengthen the 3DWOX market by visiting international markets including the USA, Ireland, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Peru. Refusing to rest on its laurels, Sindoh has reached out to potential customers in more countries. This time, we have targeted major countries in the Mediterranean.

Israel, the Country of Creativity  

Israel is a Jewish nation that created powerful pioneers in the IT industry, including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Today, Jews account for a large portion of the 3D printer industry.

Sindoh's Israeli business partner “Systematics” is a large company located in Tel Aviv, the first Jewish city. Engaged in various IT-related businesses, it is one of the leading companies in the IT industry in Israel, holding conferences and exhibitions that attract more than 1,300 customers annually.

Sindoh visited Systematics to introduce the short- and long-term vision of the 3D printer business including future product development plans. Systematics presented a marketing strategy to sell 3DWOX as well as SOLIDWORKS software. Both companies promised to strengthen mid- to long-term cooperation and got to cultivate business relations between them.



Slovenia with great potential for development 

Slovenia has steadily developed since its separation from the Yugoslav Republic. Sindoh visited SolidWorld, its partner company in Ljubljana, the capital city. Since the company was providing SOLIDWORKS services for its main business, it also had good understanding of Sindoh’s 3DWOX, which enjoys a close cooperative relationship with SOLIDWORKS. 

SolidWorld is very active in playing the role of patron for 3DWOX in Slovenia. By purchasing 3DWOX in large quantities, it has exhibited 3DWOX in local trade and industry exhibitions, translating our brochures and manuals into their own native language and developing specific promotional activities. They are also working on improving accessibility for customers to purchase 3DWOX through their websites.

With confidence in Sindoh’s 3D printer business vision, SolidWorld shares various marketing policies with Sindoh and plans to continue developing market development plans for 3DWOX in Eastern Europe in cooperation with Sindoh.

New culture 3D for Greece, the birthplace of European culture   

Sindoh's Greek partner NeoMech is a start-up company established by PhD holders from the Athenian National College of Engineering. Unlike previous 3DWOX resellers, which are mainly resellers of 3D CAD software specializing in SOLIDWORKS, 

NeoMech was a reseller with hardware-centric business. NeoMech was dealing with 3D printer products from various companies.

NeoMech was aware of the excellence of 3DWOX through direct and indirect paths such as reviews and in-house self-testing. Having solid trust in 3DWOX, we were able to discuss quickly specific details for strengthening local sales at the time of our visit. We talked about the sales market and estimated annual sales volume and focused on finding new customers. 

NeoMech CEO Dimitris has an engineering background; he was highly appreciative of 3DWOX's technology, suggesting more aggressive marketing activities. In particular, he stressed that a user interface in the mother tongue is essential due to the nature of the procurement market. In response, Sindoh plans to accelerate sales of 3DWOX in the Greek market by supporting additional features of the LCD monitor including Greek translation to meet the local customers’ needs.

Turkey as the Intersection of Europe and Asia 

Turkey was one of the main stages of European history. Although its national strength has waned after repeated defeats in large and small wars from the 19th century onward, it once stood proud as the greatest, highly cultural country.

Sindoh's Turkey partner YENASOFT is the No. 1 SOLIDWORKS reseller in Turkey. Not content with software reselling, they have been developing their own software products in recent years by combining their own technology.

YENASOFT trusted Sindoh enough to introduce both CI (Corporate Identity) images of SOLIDWORKS and Sindoh under their own CI, which hangs on the wall of the company. In addition to selling 3DWOX already before our visit, they have been preparing for various attempts to expand the sales of 3DWOX, such as GUI translation to their native language and preparation of the machine operation manual. The meeting, which was held in a consistently friendly atmosphere, was completed in the hope that we could expand our business in the future and hold a meeting in Seoul next time.

Through this business trip, Sindoh has verified that 3DWOX is recognized by resellers from various countries around the world and has gained confidence in expanding the market. 3DWOX is characterized by the user-friendly operating environment that allows non-professional users to experience 3D printing easily, and we will continue to strive to create a global market for more consumers worldwide. 

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