SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018 (SWW 2018), a world-renowned 3D technology conference, was held in Los Angeles last February. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the leading 3D design exhibition.

Sindoh has engaged in cooperation with SolidWorks, which specializes in 3D software, in matters concerning the 3D printers it developed on its own like DP200 and DP201 since the exhibition in Texas in 2015. The bilateral cooperation has been expanded through the X design software of 3D printer 3DWOX 2X, which was introduced to the market last December. Sindoh offered another possibility by disclosing new goods with improved technological level at SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018. Here are news from the site of the exhibition and vivid stories about what is happening at the site.

D-1 of the event when we were busy preparing the booth for the event

SolidWorks CEO Gian Paolo Bassi and a company paid us a visit while we were busy preparing the booth for the event. They spoke well of Sindoh’s excellent products including software linked to an array of models. They also expressed great interest in the specifications of our new products that will be introduced to the market this year. “We’d like to maintain the good relationship with Sindoh, a great business specializing in 3D printers,” they said.

SWW 2018 STRAT goes a long way in having the name Sindoh spread widely

At the opening session on D-Day, SolidWorks CEO Gian Paolo Bassi expressed gratitude to the participants of the event, saying that all of those using SolidWorks’ technology are those who are leading innovation, just as the printing technology led the Renaissance.

He also referred directly to the program X Design being implemented by Sindoh in cooperation with SolidWorks. As a merit of X Design, it can be embodied in any device as a solution that makes 3D design work possible anywhere using Cloud uniform. While he was introducing this solution and referring to his business’ cooperation with Sindoh, the screen showed clips of Sindoh CEO LEE Byungbaek and Mr. Kim Gi-hong, manager of Sindoh’s Strategic Business Department.

Following the opening session on D-day, those at Sindoh’s booth were busy greeting a crowd of resellers, engineers, those at educational institutions, 3D-related media partners, and customers from across the globe. The resellers included those from Slovenia, Serbia, Mexico, Jordan, and Greece.

Sindoh’s 3DWOX DP200 model registered with online shopping mall Amazon was receiving near full accreditation, along with 100-plus positive reviews from users. A customer said that he was disappointed with a first-generation desktop 3D printer of a brand but expressed great satisfaction with Sindoh 3D printer’s stable technological prowess.

 Let's watch the 'SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2018' through this video clip!

Positive onsite appraisal by resellers and repurchasing customers

The third day of the event kicked off with presentations that started at 8:30 AM. SolidWorks’ partner businesses made presentations on the software of each of SolidWorks’ specialty sectors like AR/VR, 3D printers, and IoT. Resellers carrying out business activities across the world visited Sindoh’s booth, expressing ardent enthusiasm about the sales of products. CATT, a large business boasting of 200-plus schools in Colorado as customers, also expressed great interest in Sindoh’s products and registered as a reseller of Sindoh.

Sindoh has supplied its products to many schools in Colorado since 2016. School teacher Jayson Robinson bought a product of Sindoh at SWW 2016 and came to build trust in its products. His story spread to other teachers in the area through word of mouth, and it led to an increase in the sales of Sindoh’s products. Even at SWW 2018, teachers from Colorado purchased 3DWOX 2X models. The foothold built on users’ trust as in the case above is expected to help Sindoh strengthen its position in the North American market.

Sindoh - SOLIDWORKS collaboration

On the last day of SWW 2018, an introduction was made on the additional functions of the products of SolidWorks and cases of actual applications. “Let’s change the world and accomplish our dreams together,” SolidWorks CEO Gian Paolo Bassi said during his closing speech. The event was packed with people even on the last day. We were so busy that we did not have sufficient time for lunch. The event was held satisfactorily.

This was the third annual SWW exhibition participated in by Sindoh, and the brand is no longer new to users and resellers the world over. We take up a new issue in the 3D printing market each year in cooperation with SolidWorks. This year’s new issue was X Design-associated products jointly made by Sindoh and SolidWorks to the best of our capability.

The product lineup of Sindoh, which is based on its solid technological prowess and stable performance of its goods, is strengthening its position in global markets. Let’s wait and see how many people in the world will be amazed anew by the new technologies developed by Sindoh at SWW 2019.

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