Sindoh operated a booth at the Rapid+TCT 2018, a major 3D printing show held at the Texas Fort Worth Convention Center. The show was a great opportunity for Sindoh to showcase its products and great quality to visitors from around the world including potential corporate customers. Find out more about how Sindoh fared at the show against global 3D printer manufacturers.

Building trust and affirming global competitiveness 

Numerous visitors from around the world paid a visit to the booth of Sindoh. Most of them had experiences with products from Sindoh, and those who are new to Sindoh showed interest in the products after checking the positive reviews on Amazon. 

Visitors at the Rapid+TCT show were mostly familiar with 3D printing. Those at the Sindoh booth asked about follow-up products utilizing the SLA (lamination modeling of photopolymer resin method or metal printing method as well as already available ones based on the FFF (printing objects by melting the material with hot temperature). 

The metal printing printer to be released by Sindoh drew the most attention. Sindoh was able to affirm the expectation from the market at the show and the potential to enter specific global markets for experts and general industries beyond the consumer market. 

Building Future of 3D industry - "Metal printing" and "Medicine" 

During the Rapid+TCT show, the hours before noon were filled with diverse speeches and lectures. One of such speeches that drew the biggest crowd was the one by Terry Wohler, Principal Consultant & President of Wohlers Associates, Inc. 

He also authored the globally renowned “Wohler's Report,” a detailed report on the 3D printing industry, and impressed the audience with a speech on metal printing. "The metal 3D printing industry has immense potential and possibilities, and there are numerous new companies providing related services," Mr. Wohler said. 

He also noted how medical professionals can now ditch 2D materials and utilize models of bones, teeth, and body organs printed in 3D for far more effective description to the patients. Patients will have better understanding on the operated parts, and medical professionals can conduct their services in much more delicate, safer ways, he added. He believes that the field of medicine will be the next-gen market where the 3D printers will take the spotlight. 

Sindoh is also working on diverse projects in order to come up with 3D printers in many different fields in line with such trends of the 3D printing industry. A case wherein the 3D printer from Sindoh was utilized by a dental clinic was presented at the show. 

Friends and people at Rapid+TCT  

Sindoh also had opportunities for meaningful encounters with friends and people. Jeff, the president of CATT, visited the Sindoh booth to meet with the reps of Sindoh. CATT is the partner that entered into a reseller agreement with Sindoh at SOLIDWORKS World 2018. 

Mr. Jeff checked out the new products for official release in the future and discussed the properties of special materials and 3D printing using the SLA method. He also had expectations on future business with Sindoh and showed willingness for cooperation. 

Mr. Mayer, the staff of Amazon in charge of Sindoh products, was also at the Sindoh booth. Mayer discussed with the reps of Sindoh on the current status of customer service for Sindoh products currently offered on Amazon as well as orders for new products. 

Amazon plans to boost customer satisfaction by arranging direct servicing from Sindoh for customers who want repair services for their products, instead of simply referring to the service manuals from Sindoh for immediate response to minor issues. 

The show was undoubtedly a valuable chance to take a gander at the trends of 3D printing while communicating with global customers. Let us hear from Manager Hwang Ji-weon from the Department of Strategic Business and Staff Goh Hyeong-gi from the Department of Preceding Technology Development, who put in great efforts to promote the products and brand of Sindoh directly to global customers at the show.

Manager Hwang Ji-weon from the Department of Strategic Business  

At this show, I was able to meet with customers with characteristics different from those whom I used to deal with. I was impressed with those armed with in-depth knowledge of the 3D printing industry. I realized that I need to try harder to learn about technologies and products so that I can promote new products more effectively. 

The Rapid+TCT show is the go-to exhibition when we launch the products in a higher tier. I will endeavor to make the current lineup boost the brand image of Sindoh until new ones are available.

Staff Goh Hyeong-gi from the Department of Preceding Technology Development  

This show made me realize how big the 3D printing market is.  I was able to have hands-on experiences with the trends of development of 3D printers and think about future directions. 

The industrial 3D printers appear to be at the apex of the FFF printers. I will make concerted efforts so that Sindoh will become a powerhouse in the SLA and metal printing markets beyond the FFF products. 

Sindoh drew the attention of many customers with the impressive quality and competitiveness of its products at the show. They are expected to be impressed further with the new products from Sindoh, which will solidify its position in the 3D printing market.

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